Son of a Blitch

Ep. 34 - Joel van der Loon, w/ Bush Survival Training & "Alone" (TV Show Participant)

September 20, 2023 George Blitch Season 1 Episode 34
Son of a Blitch
Ep. 34 - Joel van der Loon, w/ Bush Survival Training & "Alone" (TV Show Participant)
Show Notes

In this Episode, George Blitch sits down with Joel van der Loon to discuss his adventurous life, from being introduced to the bushcraft world while living off the grid in Tanzania, traveling across the oceans, visiting over 40 countries, competing on various TV shows, to running his own Outdoor Survival and Bushcraft School:

Joel also talks about his annual trips to visit and learn alongside the Hadza Bushmen, and he shares some incredible stories about his most recent trip there. Joel has learned a great deal from the wisdom that has been shared with various Indigenous People, including the Hadzabe hunter-gatherers, Maasai herdsman,  Rama Indians in Nicaragua, and Native American Indians, here in the US.

Joel was a participant on Episode 3 of Discovery Channel's "Bushcraft Build-Off", and History channels' "Alone" in season 7 and "Alone: The Skills Challenge". He even tells a fascinating story about his time on "Alone" that did not make it on video, and therefore, was not a part of the show. His journeys on these shows are highly entertaining and educational and it is evident that Joel encompasses the skills and know-how to survive in the harshest of elements. He has shared these skills in a variety of courses that he has taught, all across the US, and it is no shock that these classes are in high demand to people that want to learn more about bushcraft and survival skills.

"I spent 12 years traveling the world through 40 countries and crossed oceans as a professional crew member, exploring some of the worlds most remote locations by sea. I have hiked, camped, and paddled in just about every type of ecosystem and trained in desert, alpine, jungle, and temperate survival methods. I have put myself into testing conditions with little more than a knife, water bottle, and the clothes on my back. I believe that there is no substitute for teaching from a position of real-life experience." - Joel

To learn more about Joel, visit:
IG: "joelvbushcraft"

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IG: "TheSonofaBlitch"

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