Son of a Blitch

Ep. 33 - Mark Kenyon w/ Wired To Hunt & MeatEater

September 12, 2023 George Blitch Season 1 Episode 33
Son of a Blitch
Ep. 33 - Mark Kenyon w/ Wired To Hunt & MeatEater
Show Notes

In this episode, George Blitch sits down with Mark Kenyon to discuss his career in the Outdoors Industry, where Kenyon has come to be known as a leading white-tailed deer expert. Mark launched the website, WiredToHunt, in the late 2000's, and it quickly became a hot spot for deer enthusiasts, to learn and share hunting tips, strategies, and general information about deer.

Mark became a pioneer in the Outdoor Podcast world when he launched the "Wired To Hunt" Podcast in 2014. Nearing 700 episodes at the time of this podcast release, Mark's podcast has been one of the most popular outdoor related podcasts out there.

Mark was asked to join the MeatEater Crew in May of 2018, and since then he has appeared in numerous episodes of the MeatEater TV show, as well as the MeatEater Podcast. Mark has also taken the lead in a handful of video series under the MeatEater umbrella, including "Buck Country", "Back 40", "One Week In November", and many more on the way. You can view all these on the MeatEater YouTube Channel here:

Kenyon writes a lot of articles which you can subscribe to on the MeatEater website, pertaining to his expertise and experiences with white-tailed deer. For those that want to dive deeper into his writings, you should also check out his debut book, "That Wild Country" which takes you through the past, present, and future of America's Public Lands. It is a fascinating book.

To learn more about Mark Kenyon, visit:
IG: "WiredToHunt"

To learn more about George Blitch, visit:
IG: "TheSonofaBlitch"

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