Son of a Blitch

Ep. 29 "Introducing a New Hunter to the Ranch" (George Blitch, Matthew Mitchell, & Jonny Boots)

July 17, 2023 Season 1 Episode 29
Son of a Blitch
Ep. 29 "Introducing a New Hunter to the Ranch" (George Blitch, Matthew Mitchell, & Jonny Boots)
Show Notes

In this podcast, George Blitch, Matthew Mitchell, and Jonny Boots talk about their recent trips to the ranch in Central Texas, and why stewardship, conservation and helping build a batter habitat for the native wildlife is so important, and rewarding. 

They talked about bringing a new hunter into the game, as Jonny Boots takes part in his first ever hunt. Matthew ended up getting a feral hog, and they talk about the process from the pre-hunt work, to the meals they will prepare with it. They talk about all the things that come with working on the ranch, being conservation minded, and leaving the land better for future generations to enjoy. 

Matthew and George are about to start a series of podcasts this fall with some well-known chefs in the outdoor industry, during the “Wildgame Cooking” series, as they did last fall. Upcoming guests include James Beard Award winning chef, Jesse Griffiths (Dai Due, The Hog Book, Afield, The New School of Traditional Cookery), Lance Lewis (Tagged Out Kitchen), Hank Shaw (Hunt Gather Cook, the books “Pheasant, Quail Cottontail”, “Hook Line and Supper”, Buck, Buck, Moose”, Outdoor Class courses), Jean-Paul Bourgeois (Duck Camp Dinners, MeatEater), and maybe one or two more. 

George and Matthew are also going to be producing some content at “BDT Cooks” this fall, cooking some dishes from recipes from the same chefs we interview.  

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