Son of a Blitch

Ep. 26 - Rob Gearing (Spartan Precision Equipment)

June 08, 2023 George Blitch Season 1 Episode 26
Son of a Blitch
Ep. 26 - Rob Gearing (Spartan Precision Equipment)
Show Notes

In this episode, George Blitch sits down with Rob Gearing (aka “Mr. G”), who founded Spartan Precision Equipment in 2013, and claims to be your stereotypical crazy, bald inventor, but with an enduring passion for the extreme outdoors, whether it be in hunting, fishing, mountain climbing or biking. All Spartan products owe a nod to Rob’s extensive and unprecedented background in aviation engines, researching the best materials and the need for providing flawless hunting solutions.

“Spartan Precision Equipment produces rifle and optic support systems that weigh less and achieve more. Hunting is in each member of our team’s DNA, and as such we understand the rigours of our passion wherever they may take us around the world, and bind all of our knowledge and efforts together to ensure our designs never fall short of any requirement for that product’s application."

"Our flagship product – the Javelin Bipod – is a testament to our dedication to providing quality, practical solutions for all rifle shooting disciplines. Like many of our products since, it was invented with a desire to create a new-age adaptation of a traditional solution that could simply attach and detach as and when needed… that wasn’t cumbersome to carry”

“For shooters wanting to push the boundaries, the gear available on the market just didn’t cut it,” admits founder Rob. “In my younger years as a guide, I rapidly fell out of love with having a bipod hanging from my rifle and I used one infrequently. They got in the way and were a pain in my shoulder when carrying my rifle, and my eventual reluctance to carry a one presented me with a few failed hunts.So, applying my background in aviation engines and, in particular, discovery of rare earth magnets when working on the Concord aircraft sculpture, the resulting invention was an ultra-lightweight, stupidly strong bipod that could be on and off the rifle quicker than you could drop the legs on a run-of-the-mill bipod. Exactly what I was after.”

As such, the Javelin Bipod was an instant success among rifle shooters all around the world and formed a foundation from which all Spartan products – from entry level to top-end – are forged. Now, over half a decade into production, our fleet of rifle and optic support systems have generated a loyal and growing following that we are ever grateful for.

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