Son of a Blitch

Ep. 25 - 1st Year Review & What's on the Horizon for Year 2

May 22, 2023 George Blitch Season 1 Episode 25
Son of a Blitch
Ep. 25 - 1st Year Review & What's on the Horizon for Year 2
Show Notes

George Blitch sits down to talk about wrapping up the first year & gives us an in depth preview of some of the guests that are coming up on the second year of the podcast. 

Some of the guest include:

Roger Davidson – 3x World Champion BBQ Master, owner of Horizon Smokers 

John Nores - former CA Game Warden that battled against illegal marijuana grows by the cartel, author of "Hidden War", which just released the 2nd edition & "War in the Woods". He has also been on many TV shows. 

Brent Reaves – You may know Brent from the Bear Grease Podcast with Clay Newcomb, but he is making his own mark now by hosting "This Country Life" podcast

Rob Gearing – Owner of Spartan Precision Equipment, based in the UK. 

Paul Lewis - former L.E.O. who went on to create one of the greatest outdoor products and brand that we all use and love - "FHF Gear", which is now part of MeatEater family.

Tsipi Ben Haim – Writer, Executive and Creative Director of CITYarts, a non profit public are organization. 

Ben Masters – Award winning author and filmmaker, director and founder of "Fin and Fur Films". Produced the film, "Deep In The Heart", narrated by Matthew McConaughey. Other films include "Unbranded", "River and the Wall", "American Ocelot", "Desert Bighorn", and "Lions of West Texas".

Mark Kenyon – Founder and host of the "Wired to Hunt" podcast. Mark Kenyon is also a part of the MeatEater Crew and is author of amazing book, "That Wild Country".

Jesse Griffiths – 2x James Beard Award Winning chef, author of two of the best cookbooks out there - "Afield: A Chef's Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish" and "The Hog Book: A Chef's Guide to Hunting, Butchering and Cooking Wild Pigs". Jesse also runs the restaurant, "Dai Due" in Austin, TX, and the cooking school, "New School of Traditional Cookery". 

Romey Swanson – Wildlife Biologist and Ecologist – currents serves as the Executive Director for the Devils RIVER CONSERVANCY, and was the previous  director of conservation strategy with the Texas Audubon Society, and was also a Conservation Project Manager with the Hill Country Conservancy

Michael Sabbeth – author of "The Good, The Bad and The Difference: How to Talk with Children about Values" and "The Honorable Hunter Instructor Training Manual: How to Persuasively Defend and Promote Hunting." Michael is also a lawyer and currently lives in CO. 

Steve Hall – Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunter Education Coordinator. 

Jim Shockey – Canadian Outdoor writer, professional hunter who has produced and hosted some of the most well know hunting shows in the world, "Jim Shockeys Hunting Adventures" and "Jim Shockeys Uncharted". He also opened the Hand of Man Museum, and is the author of "Ultimate Big Game Adventures". We will be discussing his new book that is coming out in the fall, a thrilling book titled “Call Me Hunter”.

Matty Nelson – Director of Business Development at Seekins Precision and Instructor at Hat Creek Training – an advanced ballistics and high-angle long range training facility in Riggins, Idaho.

Gary Roberson – Host of the television show "Carnivore", and owner of "Burnham Brother Game Calls". He is also the author of "Eyes Front".

Joel Van Der Loon – grew up in South Africa, living off the grid in Tanzania and now lives in Oregon where he runs the   - folks also probably know him from his time on season 7 of the tv show ALONE. 

Kent Boucher – Prairie Farmer, works with Hoksey Native Seeds in Iowa, is an Outdoor Writer, Host of the "First Gen Hunter Podcast" and "The Prairie Farm Podcast", and works with Doug Duren’s "Sharing The Land" initiative.

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