Son of a Blitch

Ep. 13 w/ Allan Lewis & Jason Barefield

October 31, 2022 George Blitch Season 1 Episode 13
Son of a Blitch
Ep. 13 w/ Allan Lewis & Jason Barefield
Show Notes

In this episode, George Blitch sits down with Allan Lewis and Jason Barefield to discuss a variety of topics, including their music and soccer careers, NFTs, Web 3.0, parenting, being artists, and so much more!

Allan Lewis
Allan is a writer, strategist and photographer based in London, Ontario. In the last year he’s been interested in the ways that culture, sport, and web3 intersect to drive value for brands and audiences. This includes the challenges of introducing and aligning Web3 attributes and values - technology, ownership and community - to everyday consumers and their expectations around authentic, personalized experiences.

Prior to all of that he played soccer semi-professionally in the UK, was a Goalkeepers for the Canadian National Team, and listened to a lot of Nirvana. He also played with the most famous band in North America, "Tape Recorder 3", as well as Malvern.

You can learn more about Allan Lewis at

Jason Barefield, aka MC Fi3ld
Jason Barefield is "Professionally" a cartographer and GIS specialist, formerly a Network Engineer and general IT junkie. A Golden Era hip hop head through and through where he developed an affinity for the microphone. Currently absorbing all things blockchain while spending any extra time/money stacking his digital art collection. Label it NFT's if you want - but whatever you do, don't take it all too seriously!

Some of his talents can be observed here:

Understand -

Regality -

I Think I Heard A Shot -

Feature on Syllable Seven's track Mission Statement -

George Blitch
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